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Pretty much everyone has experienced trauma at some point in their lives. It can show up in many ways, often we are carrying trauma from our parents and ancestors through our bloodlines. Much dis-ease we are told 'runs in the family', though this can be true it can often be healed depending on your soul contract. I had many many traumatic events over the years since childhood but I took a really big knock after my daughter Ada was stillborn at 17 weeks and my world got turned upside down and inside out. It lead to a journey of healing, learning and growth and then falling down many times over again. The trauma that built up in my body eventually screamed 'no more' on more than one occasion!. I learnt the hard way over many many years with patterns repeating themselves in my life, but it doesn't have to be that way.

I believe that trauma and dis-ease are not necessarily a life sentence's but messengers here to expand our consciousness. 


Life can crack you open. If you reject the pain it doesn't go away, it will just get bigger and bigger over time until it screams at you to take notice.

Full embodiment

We will go on a journey of self discovery and healing. Sessions empower & connect you, mind body & spirit.

One to one sessions are personal to you and may combine a variety of energy work, sound, emotional release, QTTT, shadow work, card readings and more depending on what you are ready to release and receive, always with love and gratitude. 



60 mins -  £66

3 x 60 mins paid in advance - £177 

Appointments are scheduled following full payment

~ If you need a concession at this time, please do contact me ~

Sessions will take place using Zoom, phone call or Facebook messenger if you prefer.

Please add your full name, what you are booking and your best contact email in the PayPal checkout box

Group Sound Baths

Distant Healing

Quantum physics has proven that two objects that are not connected can affect each other even on opposite sides of the world. Spiritual laws allow energy to be directed remotely to facilitate the healing work. A Consultation is done before the treatment & the healing is sent to you and received as if you are in the room with me.

Feedback is given after the session.



Sessions are 30 mins & are scheduled following full payment of £33

~ If you need a concession at this time, please do contact me ~

Please add your full name, what you are booking and your best contact email in the PayPal checkout box

The sound of vibration is heard not only through our ears, but through every cell in our bodies. Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment. The change in our brainwaves enables not only relaxation but also a shift in perspective and helps the energy move through blockages. The frequencies of sound healing can provide results for a variety of issues including stress management, pain management, lowering blood pressure, improved circulation, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and strengthen the immune system

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In person workshops are on hold

Online workshops will be added soon

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Group Soul Journeys

Taking you on journeys within to discover your truths and your soul evolution

New Dates Coming Soon

What others say...

“What can I say? ......

The best way I can explain is that I have massage therapy regularly with Mick who too is a healer but uses massage to do it. I have been seeing Mick at home for almost 5 years and upon arriving on Wednesday he asked the usual Q: “Are we going for an hour or an hour and a half?”

My reply was: “You decide. See how my body reacts and then go for what you feel.”

We started chatting but within 10 minutes he said: “Wow, what have you been doing cos I have never felt your body to be in such a good condition.”

I then explained what had been done by yourself and he was dumbfounded. He said I was in the best shape he’d ever seen me in and he didn’t have a lot of work to do. He insists I need to keep it up

So the consensus from others is how ‘well’ I look, I cannot disagree. I feel good and positive.

I am certain I will do more sessions with you but will see how I manage going forward.

I feel very positive and I am also reacting differently with people and all in a positive way. If I want to achieve something, I am managing to do it without compromising myself and making it work.

I feel almost ‘Pain Free’ but know I ‘should’ be feeling pain but don’t! I cannot remember when I last didn’t feel ANY pain! It was some 30+ years ago!!

Long may this continue”


Old Me

New Me

Over the Rainbow Miscarriage and Baby Loss Journal

Over the Rainbow Journal takes bereaved parents on a journey through their grief. It provides plenty of space to allow their thoughts and feelings to flow on the pages when responding to the open ended prompts. Going to the pain and feeling is the only way to heal, we know that avoidance and keeping busy doesn't help.


The journal provides space to record the child's name and details as well as information and ideas on self care and coping strategies. Later in the journal there are ideas for re-balancing the chakras as any traumatic experience will throw these energy centres out of balance. The guidance subtly reminds them that even through the most devastating of times imaginable if we can find something to be grateful for each day we gradually begin to attract more good thoughts and feelings through the grief. Over the Rainbow Journal is therapy in a book.

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Based in Farnham,Surrey 


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