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Angel Wings, Unicorn, Rose, Dragon, Dolphin, Ascension, 5D
Alison Cooper

Sound baths
Encoded Artwork

Unlock & RE-member Your Sacred Heart's Gifts

We each have a unique soul signature, an encoded frequency that often gets buried by belief systems and trauma making life seem like a struggle.

Key Codes
Soul Signature.jpg

 How you find balance and peace in an ever changing world is up to you but that's easier said than done when people and society have expectations.

I offer one to one and public sessions, workshops and life guidance. I channel light frequencies and messages direct from Source to assist you in whatever stage of life you are in. However, more importantly my aim is always to empower YOU into Re-membering your own greatness and wisdom, to rise above the outside noise, to love all that you are and to create the life of your dreams.

You have likely found me because you are ready to discover what's been holding you back in life, maybe you always felt a bit different, you're waking up to what's been happening in the world and want to create something better or you are ready to speak, write or draw Light Language to assist yourself and others with these life changing codes. 


are your birth right and it's all ready and waiting for you here and now.

Alison Cooper Sound and Energy Medicine. Quantum Trauma Therapy. Spiritual Mentor. Multidimensional Channelled Artwork. Light language. Mind, Body, Soul Healing and self empowerment. Helping you create and manifest your heart's desires.

Cosmic Ray

I really enjoyed my session with Alison and found it very helpful hearing the messages from the guides. 


I also received a throat chakra clearing from the Pleiadians to help me speak my truth.


All of the information resonated with me as spot on for where I am in my life now.


Energy Healing
Soul & Spirit Magazine
Spirit and destiny mag
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