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MEET Alison

Greetings and Welcome!

I am Alison.

As a very young child I once asked my Mum, 'Why are we here? What's the point?'
So this life was always meant to bring me experiences that would offer some answers to these questions...!

Though I did try conformity for some time, I always had my own 'unique' style and way of doing things rather than follow the crowd. 


In December 2006, I experienced a dark night of the soul after giving birth to my first son.

I was not prepared for this - or for motherhood really  - and many of the prior I-dentities I had created around myself were shattered. I woke up in a seemingly different reality not feeling like 'me' anymore.

Many traumatic and painful experiences followed over the years leading to various awakenings to the Unseen for my soul's expansion and deeper inner-standings of all that I AM.  Though I trained in many healing and coaching modalities along the way, I still had an undeniable calling within me so none of them stuck for very long. I didn't really know who I was becoming but I knew that nothing and no one was going to stop me from following the call within me and I knew that the 'real' world no longer made any sense to me. 

I am deeply honoured, grateful and blessed to be here walking alongside you at this time of great change here on Earth, as we raise our frequency and transcend the veils of amnesia to BEcome ALL that we were always meant to be.

Beautiful hearts. The time is Now.

Tor-a Sha Sho Tay Ki Na

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Thank you so much for yesterday I really loved it and felt it really did some good clearing and understanding. It's really helped and I've tried to link with my guides, I need to practice :)) I've felt shifts at home too, ever the optimist but I have faith all will be well. Thank you for the connection.

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