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MEET Alison

Greetings and Welcome!

I am Alison.

As a young child I once asked my Mum, 'Why are we here? What's the point?'
So my life brought me experiences that would offer some answers to these questions...

Though I did try conformity for a while, I was usually the one to push boundaries and step outside of the box rather than follow the crowd. 

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In December 2006, I experienced a spiritual awakening after giving birth to my first son.

I was not prepared for this - or for motherhood at all  - and many of the prior I-dentities I had created around myself were shattered. I woke up seemingly in a different reality not really feeling like 'me' anymore.

Many experiences for my soul's expansion and deeper inner-standings of the World and Universe followed and continue to do so. 

I am deeply honoured, grateful and blessed to be here walking alongside you at this time of great change here on Earth  

Tor-a Sha Sho Tay Ki Na

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Thank you so much for yesterday I really loved it and felt it really did some good clearing and understanding. It's really helped and I've tried to link with my guides, I need to practice :)) I've felt shifts at home too, ever the optimist but I have faith all will be well. Thank you for the connection.

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