1/1/21 - My word for the year: Embodiment

Updated: Mar 11

Over New Year I collapsed and was taken into hospital. It’s not the first time. I was feeling really good and positive but an unconscious part of me was trying to leave this world again, knowing that there is no death and preferring what it knows to be true on the other side.

I have had quite a few near death experiences now and do not fear it, however I came to live in this physical body at this important time in history and I am not ready to leave my boys without a Mum.

Embodiment is key for me this year. I am not the only one, I’m sure. To become fully embodied is to accept all that you are. I’ve shied away from being my whole self, embarrassed and scared of putting my whole self out there to be seen by certain people but this doesn’t work. If you don’t fully accept all parts of you then you are doing yourself a disservice.

Yes, I’ve always known this, but have held parts back depending on who I’m speaking with! To be fully embodied is to accept all of you, to love all of you! The weird and the wonderful! We were all born with an ability to connect to ourselves on a deeper level, our angels and guides are waiting to help us. How do I know? I have been saved many times! I am nothing special, but embracing this part of me has been something I've not always been keen to share with everyone, so this year I'm embracing all of me!

So yes, I connect to angels and guides.

Yes, I know there is more to me than this physical body.

Yes, I can channel other beings and I receive downloads.

There is so much more than what we are lead to believe. I have always had this deep inner KNOWing that we are able to heal our bodies naturally, which I had been doing with some guidance since having a DVT in March and spending the first 7 weeks of lockdown in the UK 24/7 on the sofa. Maybe part of me visiting the hospital at this time was to experience the truth of what is happening in the hospitals right now. Maybe I was needed to clear some lower vibrational energy at this time. Maybe I was just ill and needed to be reminded how close to the edge I was. Whatever the reason, I have faith and trust.

Today I find the people around me who I love and only want the best for me want me to keep on the daily injections and are scared about me leaving my body again. This isn't easy to do when you have this deep inner knowing inside of you, but for now I am making peace with taking the thinners and taking a day at a time. Think of the water experiments where what you think about shows up in the water molecules - look up Dr Masaru Emoto if you've not seen his amazing experiments.

*Edit. Since writing this I am now off all meds and use only natural supplements.


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