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26/1/22 - Awakening and Ascension

Simply put, the awakening process is everything falling away that is not true to you, a feeling, a knowing that something isn't right around you. Everything that is not in alignment with your core essence will not feel right. Many have experienced this as a traumatic trigger happening in your life, such as a breakup of a relationship/marriage, death or anything that causes your life to break apart or change dramatically. This destruction is what everyone fears but it is part of life and the purpose of being here at this time is to learn and expand which could not happen without these up's and downs.

As we accept and heal these life events, we begin to raise our frequencies, this opens us up to more of ourselves and also serves the collective and Earth as it too evolves to a new higher vibration, all is connected. Choosing to let go of fears and anything that isn't serving you anymore isn't something everyone wants to do especially when life is comfortable and there's no judgement in that, my own life was indeed comfortable, and I didn't want to give up what I had. We all chose to learn different things but those who have agreed to be a part of this ascension process often find themselves in situations where they will experience destruction in one way or another. Just look at what has been happening in the world the last couple of years with the collective fears and anger playing out in the world. It has been perfectly and divinely orchestrated to bring up everything that's been held in the collective as lower vibrational frequencies. Just look at how people have been opening their hearts to themselves and helping other's instead of being self-serving but of course with this it has also shown the fear, anger and frustrations in the outer world.

Those who have chosen the ascension path will no longer resonate with the old Earth ways, they are simply no longer a vibrational match to it. They will see or feel through the lies. It is this coming home to yourself and your true essence that provides an opportunity of opening up a whole new world to you as you see the old programmes and what you thought was truth in a new way. This can only happen when you are willing and able to let these old ways fade so that you can step into your divine truth and power, NOT by changing other people but by changing YOUrself from within.

What would heaven on Earth look like to you?...


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