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9/9/22 - Timelines Collapsing

3/9/22 I was taken into the matrix grid where guards dressed all in black like policemen were holding guns and walking on black grid lines, I was shown how some of these grid lines were literally collapsing around and beneath them. I didn't feel anything but interest upon seeing this at the time though I did write about it in my notebook as I always do. The following day whilst out walking in the forest I was feeling very strange and spaced out. I sort of knew where I was, but I was also completely out of any thought about which direction I would go in or how far, just simply walking step by step with awareness that the forest had a different look and feel. As I was walking a friend messaged me and asked, 'has something happened because I feel stoned'! I replied 'yes, I'll message you when I get home' as I was still able to do this and had full control despite this feeling. I came to an oak tree and sat beneath it for a while whilst we exchanged energy. The walk home was pretty much the same experience and then I rested for a while.

9-9 - Less than a week later I now understand what was being shown and happening to me as it was announced yesterday that the Queen of England had passed. Today as I write about this experience, we are in the 9/9 portal. The Akashic Gateway. The archaic way of rulers Governing the people for their own benefit is falling and we are stepping forward into a new way where we are ALL Sovereign beings, if we choose, for the doors of Heaven are open to ALL here and now on Earth.

I don't often share pictures of cards these days, but this is one that I happened to pick today which reminded me of this experience.

Please only ever take anything that resonates and leave the rest.

Ti A Mo Na Ka Sha

In this moment, I am unified with the spirit of the collective


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