Let's talk sound healing!

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Sound healing is on the rise and it's easy to understand why but it's far from being 'new age', it can in fact be tracked back thousands of years. When I went to my first sound bath I was totally blown away. The deep relaxation and journey I went on in my mind's eye was amazing and I was hooked. I knew that I too one day wanted to train to be able to do it myself. If you are someone that finds meditating difficult then I highly recommend that you try a sound bath. If you've never meditated before than that is absolutely fine too, I'm confident in saying that everyone will absolutely enjoy the deeply relaxing sessions.

The use of Tibetan sound bowls (and other sound modalities) not only relaxes you but works on your physical body deep down to cellular level and also in the energetic fields around you, because of this you may feel some shifts during a session. It is normal to fall asleep and actually this is great because your monkey mind doesn't get involved in the session! Equally it can bring up stuck emotions you've been carrying within you so crying, twitching and tingling are all quite normal and positive reactions.

I offer 1:1 sound therapy sessions in Haslemere, Surrey on Wednesday mornings and also from October I will be doing monthly Tibetan bowl sound baths and some workshops. Contact me to find out more information alisoncooper1111@gmail.com

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