Physical Pain & Ascension Symptoms

After doing so much cleansing and clearing on my emotional body since having a Pulmonary embolism in March I wasn’t expecting to be back in hospital again this week with a minor blood clot in my calf - it’s not in the main artery so not technically not a DVT and I'm doing fine, but anyway!... Briefly, being on the spiritual path of ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness which creates a shift in consciousness.

So as a healer and believer in complimentary therapy :) rather than fill my body with medication to mask the source of the pain I’ve been looking at what else needs to come to the surface to be released from my emotional body to increase my vibrational energy. I know that the lower right leg is to do with resistance to commitment which made sense due to past relationship hurts. Even though I had previously done much cleansing and clearing in that area I was shown a whole new level of unconscious patterns I was holding on to. As I continue to release these old patterns of thoughts and feelings from my energy field I thank my body for showing me what I’m still holding on to to be released to increase my vibrational energy.

That then moves me on to emotions related to blood flow, enjoying life, feelings of fear & stagnant thinking, as each emotion is brought to the surface and cleared awareness of something else came to surface - there are others that I'm also now working through. Legs are also about moving forward in life and I certainly want to keep moving forward learning as I go. I’m not perfect, I certainly still have my own work to do and am excited to be here at this time of ascension. 

Being overly cautious when creating is also associated with the lower right leg area & I share this knowledge now because although I've been on this spiritual path for about 9 years I’ve been in fear about showing up fully, feeling vulnerable to ridicule which are also old generational patterns I’ve had to clear; as many of us on this path are now doing. So now feeling the fear and doing it anyway (a great book btw) I speak my truth. If what I say doesn’t resonate with you then I’m also happy to feel it's no longer my problem, we are all here for different reasons and I send you love. 

So to summarise, pain in the body can be showing you unhealed emotions in your energy field which can be brought to the surface and released - though you should always be checked by a doctor first 😊

These emotions can also be carried forward through bloodlines & many of us aren’t aware they are there until we start unravelling the layers. The doctors are a little baffled by me and that's something I may post on at a later date but for now I'll leave that there. This is the oracle card I pulled after realising that 'resistance to commitment' and 'speaking your truth' was something to be brought to the surface for me again - a great confirmation card! If any of this resonates and you'd like to book a session with me do contact me using the form on my website. You can also use the contact form to join my mailing list & please feel free to share.

I wish you all a good day 🙏🏼

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