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1-to-1 Session

Allow me to be present with you in a safe holding space that will meet you where you are in your life, and what you are ready to release and receive. These sessions are interactive in a 3-way flowing dance between you, me and any guides that want to come in and assist in the process. Light language transmissions are included as it is the pure universal language of the soul. What this means is that our logical minds do not distort any healing and information coming through for your own soul's expansion and remembering.

You will leave the session with some practical tools to assist you in moving forward in remembering ALL that is already within YOU.

Done via zoom/video call

90 -120 mins 

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After creating these artworks initially for myself I realised that they contain high vibrational codes and messages within them. Digital copies may be purchased for your personal use.

Bespoke artworks can be created for your personal or business use.

To see examples, please click here or send me a message to discuss/book a personalised creation

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Group Sound Healing -
Hampshire, UK

Whilst there has been very important holding and healing for women in recent years, I am delighted that men are also rising and showing up to these sound healing sessions. The separation of the Feminine and Masculine energies within ALL has been out of balance for way too long. To have both represented physically in the room is a very powerful thing and I love and honour each and everyONE of you for showing up and co- creating so much healing and magic in the room and beyond.

All the sounds played, spoken or sung are channeled through me with love to not only deeply relax you but also to assist in any healing and releasing of energy that is ready to be released. This not only results in the raising of your personal vibration for your highest good but also for the highest good of all. Showing up for yourself is also being in divine service to all.

Optional additions.

The sacred medicine of Hape' can also be taken ceremonially before the sound sessions. Hape' is a tobacco snuff and natural plant medicine produced by Shaman in South America, it is legal here in the UK.

Cacao and speciality teas can also be enjoyed beforehand to enhance the experience.

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Home Energy Portals

Think about what sage-ing your home does and then multiply it  by a million! This Make your home a Temple method is one taught to me by a beautiful soul sister Kahreela at Starlight Temple. 


Every home has a positive and negative portal where energy enters and exits, what this means is that most people are living in old stagnant energy left behind from previous owners, the surroundings and anything that you yourself release, not just in the portals or air but also in the actual structure.

The process requires me to visit your home and tune into the energies. After locating the positive and negative portals they will be cleansed and activated in order to keep the energies flowing. The difference it makes to your life and vibration is totally amazing!

As a bespoke service - and one which will take several days to complete the cost is upon application. If you work with clients at your home, I highly recommend this service to keep high vibrational energy flowing. You, your friends, your neighbours and any visiting clients will all feel the benefit!

If this offering is of interest to you, please contact me to discuss further and include your location as travel costs may apply. Other portals may be found relating to the building which I will discuss with you at the time. Extra portals can also be added for an additional fee.

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I wanted to let you know that since seeing you, I have felt a lot calmer.  


I’m trying to think before reacting and my crystal has stayed closely with me. In fact I sat quietly this morning before the children got up and asked for guidance.