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Quantum Trauma Therapy

One to One - via zoom/video call

These sessions hold you in a sacred healing space as I guide you through a process to release the energy of trauma from your energy field and body. Unlike traditional Trauma therapies you do not need to relive the trauma, you only ever share what you are comfortable with. Trauma can build up and cause dis-ease in the physical body over time, this will assist in the release of energy and empower you. 

60 mins - £66

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Quantum Rebirth, Recorded Session

You will be emailed the link after purchase

Sometimes we all need a bit of help and guidance with all that has happened in our lives. This recorded session guides and empowers you as you integrate and rebirth yourself in the Quantum Field. My guides initially brought through this healing session for me but I have since used it with clients with incredible results. This affordable recorded session is for you if you would like to put your childhood stories of the past to rest and open more to your Divine empowered self.


Group Sound Bath Sessions

Switch off and relax for an hour as you are bathed in many wonderful relaxing sounds and frequencies including Tibetan  and Crystal Sound Bowls.

Being enveloped in traditional sounds and frequencies is not only deeply relaxing but also can assist with depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, trauma and any healing and releasing of energy that is ready to be released. These sessions allow you to open up to your own healing and wisdom as  you have your own inner journey experience whilst being safely held, away from the stress of everyday life. With the addition of Light Language these are very powerful and unique sessions. Afterwards you will feel rebalanced, relaxed and lighter. 

Optional additions.

The sacred medicine of Hape' can also be taken ceremonially before the sound sessions. Hape' is a tobacco snuff and natural plant medicine produced by Shaman in South America, it is legal here in the UK.

Cacao and speciality teas are sometimes enjoyed beforehand to enhance the experience.

If you have a group of friends you'd like to gather for an occasion, are holding a retreat or Wellbeing event then please do contact me, I would love to come and share some beautiful sounds and Light codes with you.



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Co Author - Wake up Mother 

Wake Up Mother - Curated by Sarah Lloyd and featuring stories and wisdom of Mothers.


This book has been written for Mother.

For those women who have felt lost, alone, unsupported, dimmed, squashed, uncomfortable, unable to speak truth for fear of it highlighting the shadows.

This book shares stories and wisdom of Mothers; an opportunity to face and embrace our shadows with no judgment. It is within these shadows we find ourselves.


We share, so that others may find light in the darkness too.


We see you, Mother. Come rest here for a while.


Order on Amazon

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One to One Light Language Healing & Activation Session

One to One - via zoom/video call
Experience the beauty and transformation of Light Language in a personalised session. I will meet you where you are and what is happening in your life. Come with an intention and I will intuitively Channel guidance and Codes of Light to assist in what you are ready to release and receive. These are Multidimensional Quantum sessions that can be experienced from wherever you are in the World.

30 mins - £45
60 mins - £66

Note: A mutually convenient time will be agreed after purchase. Please contact me in the 1st instance if you have any questions.


My artworks are more than just images, they hold gateways to higher frequencies and upgrades as the pieces are encoded and activated with the power of Light Language, the language of the soul. Discover and feel the power of codes . 

Bespoke digital art can be created for your personal or business use. 

Personalised Light Language healing codes on a postcard can be sent to you for your altar, to use in meditation or however you feel guided to use them personally.

Contact me for the most up to date art for sale or to discuss a commissioned piece.

*Please note. Copyright applies. All rights are reserved and not transferred with the sale

To see examples, please click here 

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Copy of alison ray 1.png

I attended a sound healing workshop where Alison spoke in this strange language. I instantly felt the power of the words that were not understood by my mind yet I could feel the healing in me as I listened. The activation was immediate, I just had to allow it in with my willingness to give it a go.

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