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14/7/22 - The Sword

On a visit to the Cotswolds with my children we heard church bells ring from the village we were staying in whilst out in the evening. The next morning we went to find the church which turned out to be called St Michael’s

As I sat at the side altar looking at this cross it reminded me of a sword, the bells began to ring, my son coming over to tell me they were ringing 4 mins early as I began receiving this message…

It’s not a cross but the sword of truth. The same sword of truth that you were taught to acknowledge (in your mediumship classes). The sword in the stone. The sword and the dragon. To slay the dragon is to slay all that is not truth, all the ‘demons’ within you, merely a metaphor. Indeed dragons are here to assist you.

Root meaning of Sword..

Old English sweord, swyrd (West Saxon), sword (Northumbrian) "sword," from Proto-Germanic *swerdam (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian swerd, Old Norse sverð, Swedish svärd, Middle Dutch swaert, Dutch zwaard, Old High German swert, German Schwert "a sword"), related to Old High German sweran "to hurt," from *swertha-, literally "the cutting weapon," from PIE root *swer- (3) "to cut, pierce."

The sword is used to cut through lies to reveal the truth.

Archangel Michael’s sword.

I ask, Why did you bring me here Archangel Michael?…

I am immediately aware of bringing light and the violet flame here whilst simultaneously feeling my feet tingle and the awareness of the ley line energies coming up through me. My children begin bickering a little in front of me and I become aware of their lower vibrational energies expressing as they too receive this exchange of energy. I shiver down my back as confirmation. My kids ask to leave telling me I had said I’d be 2 mins and it’s been 20! More bells ring as I look at the time, 11:10 and now it’s just turned 11:11. My belly rumbles as energies are received and I sit in silence for a moment.

I walk to the altar and offer my love and gratitude as Light Language comes through me for a moment before I turn and continue as we begin walking. Reaching the front door I notice a raised flower bed containing an apple tree. I plant 2 crystals here and a few tears gently fall from my eyes as I feel enveloped in love and at peace.

Earlier in my morning meditation I had asked about ley lines.

Many churches and religious sites were built on the ley lines of your Earth and were known to be key points of energetic frequencies but they were infiltrated with stories and frequencies that were not of the truth. Each Starseed and Lightworker now visiting these sites has been bringing through new codes and frequencies to the planetary grid for your ascension. Those of you who have done the ground work in cleansing and upgrading your physical body to be a clear channel will feel this as the truth.

As your body upgrades to new crystalline frequencies so does your Earth, for you are not separate. Your trauma’s have been her’s, just as you would respond with anger or fear so does Gaia with the weather and natural ’disasters’, yet these have been beautiful creations in themselves as they enable the birthing of something new. Remember all is energy that is creating what you see. You are powerful creators of all that is in your physical reality and many of you are now realising this truth.

A Li Sun

<<They with the power of the Sun>>


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