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31/10/22 - Aspects of God

You are part of God as part of the whole. Yes, you are aspects of God whilst in your physical body, yet it is a common (spiritual) misconception to say that you are God as you are part of the ALL, though this doesn’t make you any less than. It is why Unity consciousness is so much needed and powerful at this time because it is in the many aspects of God in coming together, relating and working together that brings more power to Consciousness, as Christ Consciousness. Not in your traditional way of power but in the power that is love. Love is truly the only power, all other is illusion of power and misuse of power and many of you know this from previous incarnations; and why you have found this incarnation more troublesome. Yet indeed it was only to have brought out this aspect within you, the return home as many of you like to say. It is only through love that changes the world, and this change comes from within each of you before it can materialise and manifest in the external world around you.

How can you be more loving, firstly to yourself, today? What would loving yourself today look like and more importantly, feel like?

Bright Blessings

A Mu Ray

The Divine Mother Light Frequency


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