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Starseeds, Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Healers... A Channeled message leading into the 777 portal.

Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light.

There is never, ever, ever any access denied. The land you walk on is sacred and is as sacred as you. Your training that you have, many of you have been in until now is over. Is it not time for you to step into your mastery? Your power, your inner dance. Many of you have been spending lifetimes in your training for this time of now. You are the master of your reality and it is time for you to step into all that you are. Many of you still carry fear and if this is so then please remember behind all fear there is only ever love. Become the walking master that you are and have always been. It takes courage on your Earth.

Many of you will be feeling your training period is over, Many of you are waiting to step into your mastery and those of you waiting for a sign then this is it. This is the sign you have been waiting for. BE all that you came to BE, the time is now. BE the love that you are. In truth it's all you ever were. There's nothing more for you to fix. Come out of the fixing cycles. If you so choose. You are so loved. With deepest gratitude and peace we bid you farewell for now. Remember access is never, ever, ever, ever denied.

We love you. We are you. As One.


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