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21/11/21 - Full Moon Eclipse

I was doing a channelled journey on the Full Moon eclipse with the intention of releasing and ending the last 7 year cycle, which for me was an intense period with many people leaving my life, either by death or just because it was time to leave.

I’d moved house a few times and my life now is unrecognisable from that before, in fact when I wrote it all down so I could release it all, it was quite eye opening for me to see how much I had gone through. But in any case, I felt more than ready to let this all go now - I’m so ready for a new adventure.

I went into the journey with the intention to meet a animal spirit guide and a beautiful Tiger came forward and brought through messages for me. His name was Silan, a name I’ve never heard of before, and I didn’t think much of it until someone said they had looked it up for me. It turns out Silan means a diamond! How are diamonds created? Under immense pressure! This totally blew me away.

Intense pressure over the last 7 years is an understatement for so many of us, but this diamond is ready to shine and those of you that are too, maybe if you feel called to, you can connect with the energy of Silan too.


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